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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Recycled Denim Wrap Bracelets

Deconstruct a couple of old jeans and turn the seams into these funky bracelets...

All you need, besides the old jeans, is some memory wire. That is a wire that will hold it's shape. It can be found at craft stores, but I found mine on my husband's workbench ; )

So you need:

old jeans
memory wire
beads (to fit the wire)
needle nose pliers
wire snips
lace (optional)

On this particular one I sewed lace on one edge before feeding the wire through the seam. Remember, if you are sewing anything onto the jeans leave the path for the wire opened.

Once the wire is through snip it off leaving about 1  1/2" of wire sticking out on both ends for the curl, more if you want more beads on the ends.

Feed beads onto the end then with the needle nose pliers curl the end up, making sure to turn the end in so it doesn't catch on anything when wearing the bracelet.

As you can see in the above pic, sometimes you can use shorter lengths of seam. Just add some beads along the wire and keep feeding another piece of seam on.

Once the ends are secured take something cylindrical, like a glass, and wrap the bracelet around it. Then place it on your arm and adjust to the size you like.

So easy to make, these were done in about 1 hour. The hardest part is cutting up the jeans!

Here's another denim creative reuse...


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