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Monday, January 22, 2018

DIY Bolster Pillow in Blue

This is a sturdy bolster ideal for use at the top of the bed in place of a headboard.

Unfortunately, my old sewing machine is in the basement so pics are a bit dark.  This isn't a pattern just how I created this bolster. 

I took a wooden dowel the width of the bed and wrapped it with pillows end to end. I used three of them.  Hand stitch them together with heavy-duty thread if you have it.

I didn't want one solid colour bolster across the top of this queen sized bed so I sewed 3 equal sized pieces of material together with the patterned one in the middle the same as the intended ends.

I wanted the bolster to fit edge to edge on the bed so this finished piece measured the width of the bed.

Added some ribbon for accent over the seam.

I took my contrasting material and cut two pieces for each end the width of half the rolled butt end of the bolster and the length of the short end of the white. Sewed the patterned material to the white. (I hope this is making sense!)

Next, measured 1" and sewed a pocket on each end. That's where it will be cinched closed. 

Sewed up the long edge of the bolster cover, but stopped at the pocket. Didn't want to stitch it closed!

Once it was all sewn up I pulled the cover up over the bolster. It's snug.

I took a piece of ribbon long enough to tie up at the end, and pinned a safety pin to the end making it easier to feed the ribbon through the end pocket.

Then tied the ribbon into a bow...

And that's it!

If you'd like a softer bolster that could be used as a draft stopper pillow check out my post called Red Room Makeover with DIY Bolster Pillow


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