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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Chocolate Chocolate Overload

But honestly can you ever have too much chocolate?
I think not.

Chocolate cake:

1 - 2 layer chocolate cake mix that gets a makeover.

Add an extra egg than what's called for in the mix.
Replace the oil required with melted butter and replace water with 10% cream. Then add 2 tsps vanilla extract.

For 2 - 8" rounds bake at 325 F for 35 minutes or until cake tester comes out clean. Cool 10 minutes in pan then completely cool on rack. (Baking at 325 F rather that 350 F gives you a flatter topped cake.)

Chocolate Mousse Filling:

1 cup 35% whipping cream
1 can sweetened condensed milk
2 squares (2 oz) semi-sweet chocolate
1 - 4 serving size box instant chocolate pudding
1/2 cup cold water

Whip the cream and keep in fridge until needed.

Melt chocolate in microwave about 20-30 seconds, then cool on counter.

Once cooled add the condensed milk, then the pudding mix and water. Beat 1-2 minutes and chill 30 minutes.

Fold the whipped cream into the chocolate mixture and refrigerate 1 hour.

Rich Chocolate Frosting:
(like a ganache)

1/2 cup vanilla Greek yogurt
3 tbsps cream cheese
1 tsp honey
1  1/2 cups dark chocolate chips

Melt the chocolate chips in microwave 20-30 seconds at a time just until you can stir them, then set aside to cool completely.

Whisk together the yogurt, cream cheese and honey. When the chocolate chips are cooled combine with the yogurt mix. If this gets too stiff for spreading on the cake just micro on high 20 seconds and stir.

Start by splitting the cake layers in half. I like to use a piece of thread, wrap it around the cake bringing the two ends together, cross them over each other and gently squeeze. The thread will come right through the cake.

Use 1 1/4 cups of mousse between each layer of cake spreading to about 1/4" from the edge. Spread the remaining mousse on the top of the cake.

As I said earlier, if the frosting is a bit stiff just microwave a few seconds then frost the sides of the cake.

There really are 4 cake layers and 3 mousse layers with a 4th layer of mousse on top here but for some reason (bad photography!) it doesn't look like it.

I sprinkled chocolate cookie crumbs along the edge to camouflage where the frosting meets the mousse.

Now chill until about 1 hour before serving.
Slice and serve. It is very rich so small pieces could serve 10-12 people.

So, what do you think..... enough chocolate?

Perfect for our double birthday!

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