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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Coffee Crisp Cake Fail

Do not try this at home! Seriously.

It's upsetting when you try a recipe and it doesn't turn out right. But what's even worse is after it fails you look back at the recipe to see if you did something wrong and realize those beautiful pictures included in the recipe were staged to look like it worked.

The recipe included 1 - 2 layer yellow cake mix, some wafer cookies, coffee flavoured icing and chocolate glaze. Sounds good right?

So I baked the cake in a 13 X 9 pan, sliced it in half, and then lengthwise, to make 4 long slices.

Next instruction was to layer cake, then icing, a layer of wafer cookies and more icing. 

Continue layering...sounds ok right?

Here's the problem. My wafer cookies went right to the end of the cake which I thought worked out pretty good. But when I looked back at the original recipe (which I won't give you the link to, I'm too kind) the wafer layer ended about an inch from the end of the cake. So it seems the last wafer was put on in the opposite direction so when it was cut no wafers were cut and the butt ends of the ones going lengthwise stayed intact.

When I tried to cut through my wafers my cake went from this...
to THIS!

Epic fail


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    1. Thanks for your kind acknowledgement. Gotta share failures as well as successes : )