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Friday, May 20, 2016

Easy Spilling Tub Container

Anyone can make a spilling container. Sure, you can look for trailing plants and some to give height and try to arrange them in an artistic way that will work in your container.

Sshhh! Don't tell anyone, but this is the secret to having a beautiful spiller. Cheat.

Yes, just find a lovely hanging basket, with trailing plants of course, fill your tipped container about 2/3 full of good soil with compost.
Remove the hanging basket plants from their pot, trying to keep the whole thing intact, and plant it in your container. In my case I used a really old metal wash tub.
Now, just water and wait for your plants to start spilling out of your tub ; 0 


  1. People down the street from me did this with a small wheelbarrow and I thought how clever, and now I know how to do it too! Thanks for all the great tips.