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Friday, February 26, 2016

Dog Collar Cover

Just a fancy collar cover....diva or douchie?

You'll need:

12 X 19" plush material
2 tabs 4" X 2" each
2 buttons
2 lengths of elastic for loops

Turn plush material inside out and sew a 1/2" border on each 12" end then sew the 19" sides together. 
Turn it right side out. Put aside.

Sew the sides and end of the tab material (I used the cut-off pieces from having shortened pajama bottoms)

Measure 2 pieces of elastic, stretched out, the length of the finished tabs plus a loop. Sew it onto the tab while stretching it. 
Sew the 2 buttons on one end of the plush piece, only through one thickness not both sides.
Sew the 2 tabs on the opposite end of the plush on the same side piece as the buttons.
Pass the collar through the plush tube and do it up around your pup's neck, pull the loops around the buttons and strike a pose!

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