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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Planting Potatoes in a Vertical Garden

So I'll tell you up front, this is my first attempt at growing potatoes.  I read online that you could use a laundry basket to grow potatoes in.  I thought I would try using chicken wire.  I formed a length of it into a cylinder and wired the edges together.  Then I stood it in the garden and filled earth in and around the bottom.
Once I had about 2-3 inches of new earth and compost in the bottom I planted the seed potatoes (that's potatoes that have at least 3 eyes in them)

I'm not sure how much room each potato needs.  I probably should have planted only 2-3 in this container, but I think I put in 5-6....oops.
I read that each potato should yield 8-10 lbs of potatoes !?!?
They're growing pretty good right now.
As they grow fill with gardening soil and compost so that just 3 inches of growth is above the soil.
It's surprising how the dirt stays within the chicken wire, although you do have to take care to water slowly or it would probably start running out.  Drainage is essential so the chicken wire is ideal.
This is after only a couple of weeks!  They've grown about a foot as you can see they're as tall as the 1st rung on the fence.
And the soil is staying in place.  Best part is it doesn't take up alot of garden space. Pretty cool !

Will update when I harvest all these potatoes.....hopefully : )

Ok, so here's the update.
The plants grew as high as the 2nd rung of the fence. Then after a few weeks the vines dried up. That's the time to harvest!
Because the soil is nice and loose this was a pretty easy job. Usually when you harvest potatoes you have to dig up the earth taking care not to damage those 'tatoes. But in this case just lift the wire cage away and gently pull the hill down with your shovel to discover your potatoes.
Not bad for a first try I'd say.

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