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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wine Cork Christmas Tree Placemarkers/Decorations

I know this is too early to think about Christmas, but if you want to make these you'll have to start drinking wine now!

You'll need:

7 wine corks per tree
glue gun
clear nailpolish
gold cord or string
glue stick
straight pins

So start by making the name tags using clipart and printing out small stars with the names of your guests on each. Then cut them out.  Cut out the same size star in gold or silver paper for the back.  Now glue front and back onto a straight pin with a ball on top.

Now take those wine corks that you've been saving and paint one end with clear nailpolish.  While wet dip in glitter.  You may want to leave some of the red wine corks alone as I did or put glitter on them all. I was so excited about making these that I forgot to take pictures as I went along : (
Now glue the bottom three together, then two together. Before you glue the top one on if you want to use this as a tree decoration, cut a length of cord and put it around the cork then glue.   Cut one cork in half for the base. Glue it to the bottom.  You may need to shave it down some or add another piece of cork behind it for balance.
Take your name tag pin and stick it in the top. I think it looks pretty cute on the table, don't you?

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