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Monday, September 30, 2013

Hot Pickled Peppers

This is what you'll need:

A bushel or more of sweet peppers, all colours

Different assorted hot peppers, 3-5 pint boxes (jalapeƱos, habaƱeros, chili, etc)

1-2 strings of garlic, depends on how garlicky you like it

One bag of pickling salt

Large container of white vinegar

Large container canola oil (olive oil gets solid in the fridge)

Pair of latex gloves (so people will talk to you after cutting the garlic, and you'll be able to touch things without a burning sensation after cutting the hot peppers)

Large tupperware container kept specifically for this job, or several large mixing bowls that you won't need for a few weeks.

Pickling jars, lids, rings

To start:
Clean and chop sweet peppers
Chop hot peppers in small pieces. Leave some whole, it looks good in the jar
Roughly chop the garlic

Place one layer of mixed cut peppers and garlic on the bottom of container. Cover with pickling salt, then place another layer of mixed peppers and garlic, another layer of salt continue until you have used all your peppers and cover last layer with salt.

Cover and let sit for 1 week


Rinse off all the salt from the peppers and garlic.
Place everything back into the container, then cover completely with white vinegar

Cover and let sit for another week

Now you are ready for the last step

Drain the mixture, removing all the vinegar, no need to rinse.
You need to have all the jars sterilized.
Place the peppers in the jars, push the peppers down to get most of the air out.
Pour the canola oil slowly into the jars, put a knife down the side to release air bubbles.
Seal with lids.

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